Harold Shapero


Harold Shapero (1920 – 2013) studied with Nicolas Slonimsky, Ernst Krenek, Walter Piston, and Paul Hindemith (alongside his fellow student Norman Dello Joio). He studied further with Nadia Boulanger. His compositions mostly belong to the neo-classical tradition. They delight the ear and engage the mind. As a teacher, he founded the music department at Brandeis University and soon became its chair. He also founded the Electronic Music Center there. After retiring, he remained very active in musical activities and continued composing new works. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of recorded and live performances of his works.


in or around 1965, I was a piano student of Bernard weiser at the university of Minnesota.  I was grateful he assigned me sonata no. 1 from Harold shapero's book of 3 sonatas.  it became one of my favorite pieces in a modern idiom.  as we speak, I am getting it out of my drawer to rekindle my relationship to it, and im excited!  I may perform it at our chamber music group, or at another program I will do.  I am so glad to hear dr. shapero speak on the video.  I always felt a connection to his music.    sara keene,  Lakewood, colorado