Norman Dello Joio

Norman Dello JoioR1

Norman Dello Joio (1913 – 2008) came from a long line of church organists. He began his musical career at age fourteen as the organist at Star of the Sea Church in New York. Eventually he became fascinated by the magic in the notes and staves he saw on the printed page of the musical score. From that point on he was determined to become a composer. His main teacher was Paul Hindemith, who appreciated his special gifts and steered him toward self-discovery.

Dello Joio’s lyrical style won audiences for him from the start, and by the end of the 1940s he was acknowledged as a leading American composer. His fame soon became worldwide, and he has won numerous awards, prizes, and citations. His output ranges across every musical genre: church music, choral works, orchestral pieces, ballets, operas, and numerous piano and chamber pieces. He also contributed a large number of scores for television documentaries, all attesting to the remarkable versatility of this man.


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